Nov./Dec. update

Happy new year, y’all! I hope Santa brought you some geeky stuff 😉

Here’s a quick heads-up of what’s cooking since more than 2 months… Well lots of small and bigger things happened mostly in the background in preparation for something bigger 😉

  • Made quite some progress with the Helios Server. That’s the ‘terminal’ software which interfaces your PC to the Helios Kernel(s) running on your Transputer(s). For now everything is checked into github. Currently I’m working on the write up of all findings and howtos.
  • While doing so, I learned a lot about the concepts used programming the Helios kernel. Also needs quite some documentation.
  • Wasted quite some time in upgrading my workhorse PC due to amnesia and eroding instincts 🙁
    But now everything is working again and I can keep on working on the Tower of Powers successor. Here’s a small hint:
  • I had to close my little shop. It’s way too risky given german laws make it very easy for any idi** to submit a  judicial warning in order to make some money just because of e.g. formal errors in your terms and conditions  😕
    So if you need something Transputer’ish, drop me a mail, maybe I have some parts left I can share.
  • Ah, that said, I had a 2nd run of AM-B404s… need to solder pins and sockets to finalize them. And 10 are already reserved 😉


2 thoughts on “Nov./Dec. update”

  1. Wow, 4 carriers stuffed full of what looks like mainly B426 and your new 404 TRAM’s!

    Transputer kit is getting so expensive, I’d really like to build a bigger system, but carriers and TRAM’s are outrageous now.

    1. Well, the non-AM-B404 are all from MSC, a small German engineering company which did quite a lot of Transputer stuff actually.
      Yeah, ePay prices are insane. That’s why I started the AM-B404 which are at least reasonably priced (2nd run is in the making). Carriers are a different story given their physical size. I guess producing small numbers will put them very well into the three-figure EUROs price range 🙁

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