Transtech Parallel Systems (“TPS” for short) was the grey eminence of the Transputer heydays and AFAIK the last man standing selling TRAMs and carriers long after INMOS’ demise.
They closed shop and stopped updating their homepage in 2008. Until then, they concentrated on the Texas Instruments TMS340C40/C60 series and Motorolas PowerPC and finally FPGAs. Both mentioned CPU architectures were pretty much adopted by all former Transputer device manufacturers, e.g. Parsytec.

But there was more underneath: TPS had several contributors to the range of products. ‘AG Electronics Ltd.‘ (“AGE” for short) was one of them. AGE developed all the ‘simple module and motherboard hardware’ for TPS. TPS itself did the more specialist stuff i.e. i860, ppc, scsi, TMB15, TMB14, and the associated software toolkits.
Then there also was another company named “Transtech DSP” (TDSP), who owned the IPR for any C40, SHARC, C60 products, initially bought from TPS when TDSP was formed. In the end, TDSP was acquired by VMETRO and finally by Curtis Wright.  That was it.

Buy a lucky incident, my friend Uwe Mielke was able to inherit (read: buy) everything what was left from the Transputer business when ‘AG Electronics Ltd.‘ was closing its office, too.
Together with Michael Brüstle we’re trying to be the curators of what is left and will, bit by bit, publish what could be useful to other Transputer maniacs users…
So over the time, this section will fill up with posts about Transtech devices we may know more about than others.

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