This is a very important section, it’s the start of all Transputer tinkering and most often the first question coming to someones mind when starting to play around with Transputers: How to interface my computer with a Transputer(network)?

The quick answer is: There are many ways… or better: There have been many ways. Which means mostly using obsolete buses and systems – but hey!? That’s what this page is all about 😉

While it is possible to build a stand-alone Transputer system, most solutions were build as addition (or peripheral) to a host. Mainly SUN boxes and PC compatibles, occasionally VAXen or VME systems.
Because the field of Transputer Interfacing is quite big, I will add new posts to this section every now and then. So check the site news for new additions.

These are the post currently written (also accessible though the menu above):

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