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Compaq RiLOe

This is a very lame page about the first Compaq RiLOe  (Remote Inside Lights Out Edition) card, the first version i.e. i960/66Mhz & Ati Rage IIC… because you can get it for cheap it can be considered a poor-mans IPMI.
I had the page hanging around on my server for years and moved it here for completeness. As it is getting vintage by now, it actually fits 😉 Under construction. Forever.
There are better pages out there, so I only provide additional info/stuff.


You can get the manual here

The most recent (and last) firmware 2.53, which also resets (unknown) passwords is available here – NB: This is a MSDOS instsaller and needs two 1.44MB floppies.

Here’s an RPM, which writes the SNMP packets of the RILOE into the syslog.  Here’s the README.


I went the extra mile and created a pinout (also available as PDF here). It’s not tested though.

The power supply looks like this:

RiLOe power supply

10 volts, Plus inside, minus outside of the plug.