i860 Software

This is the place where I collect all the code snippets for the various i860 systems/cards featured on this site.

Actually, there’s not much left on the web concerning i860 code, so if you have something lying around, please contact me so I can add it here. Thanks.

The i860 software section is subdivided into the different systems/cards because while they share the same CPU they’re not really compatible in terms of communication.
Also, while there was something like a standard for the binary format (COFF), not all systems supported it.


The same is true for the so called APX860 interface which existed in various versions (up to 2.0) and might not fully supported by all of them.
I was able to find a version of APX 2.0 which runs fine on the Hauppauge 4860 mainboard. You might be able to boot it on your i860 system with some fiddling and hacking. I created an Archive with the complete APX860 core (i.e. Kernel, loader and admin tool) as well as some APX860 executables (as, ld, etc.) originally meant for the UNIX version of APX… but because APX shouldn’t care what OS the host is running, they might be executable on DOS hosts, too.

Get the APX860 archive here.