PiTRAM ahead…

So many projects, so little time 😉

After the Raspberry Pi Zero is used for nearly everything in the retro computing scene (ACORN tube processor, AMIGA CPU and/or video-controller replacement etc.) I thought it’s about time to bring it into the Transputer world, too. Say hello to the PiTRAM!

It’s basically a C011 link-adapter and some level-converting. That way the RasPi can talk to an existing Transputer network and vice versa.

So the hardware is done… as usual, the software is the problem. Anyone volunteering for a Transputer core? A SCSI to SD-Card driver? Video controller? Wifi? 😉

One thought on “PiTRAM ahead…”

  1. Oooo

    I inherited a bunch of as yet not-gone-through materiel from an old Inmos colleague. The stuff is in my other house; there’s probably a board or two in there that could benefit from RPi friendliness, but I won’t be able to check on it until next year.

    Meanwhile, I’m working ** very slowly ** on what might pretentiously be looked upon as a modern C/occam blend so that I can express vector/matrix problems as parallel programs and look at tradeoffs between parallelizing and vectoring (I’m much happier with parallelizing, because the programming model and the hardware are simpler). So this might all tie together nicely.

    If I ever get the compiler to a useful state

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