About me

Hi! I’ll make this short… or at least try to. My name is Axel Muhr.

Born 1970 I’m an fairly old geek compared to todays Web 2.0 standards. Let’s say I do remember how to cope with 4k RAM and considered a 174kb 5.25″ Floppy quite a big storage device… not mentioning it’s insane speed.

Living in Germany as a 15 year old kid had quite some advantages. Home computers sold like sliced bread so the stores were full of them. And there was CeBit – later becoming the biggest computer show on this planet (And scrapped in 2019 after becoming one of the most boring computer show on this planet).
Naturally I worked in a computer-store for a whopping 5 German Marks an hour (which was about US$2.50 back then) and was happy like a pig – bathing in hardware I was sure that I will never be able to afford.

This is me and my room back in 1985. Just got my shiny new Atari 520ST+ (the one with a whopping 1MB RAM)… in the back, my trusty C64 with it’s white 1541 and 1702 monitor are still lingering in envy. Some weeks later they were sold to refinance a second SF314 floppy drive…


My very personal Christmas was around march, when CeBit was due. On an average I needed 2-3 days to see, touch and smell it all. I drooled over full-color (i.e. about 256 to 1024 colors) pictures in high-res (about 640×400) and was astonished about 3D wire frame models and FPUs. Life couldn’t get better than having a 68020 – or 1MB free RAM – a hard drive or a GUI driven system. Wait an SGI would be heaven… no a Mac, an Archimedes, an HP calculator… did you see those new 88k CPU from Motorola? Intel showed a “Cray on a Chip” and…and… and…

From about 2008 I didn’t went  to CeBit anymore – 20 years in a row were enough. Who needs cold-ray cathodes in a PC case of which innards are just the same but faster stuff than the year before?
Today I own the stuff mentioned above – bought cheap. I use it. I love it. I make it smoke.

Come join me!

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