Aug. to Nov. update

Ok, this is quite quite a timespan to cover… 4 months and not really that much to report.

Most successful post was the SIEMENS PC-X page (a strange i80186 Unix box). I’ve mainly set it up for the guys over at MESS, specifically ‘crazyc’ who’s actively working to include PC-D and PC-X emulation into MESS.

Next bigger work were two articles about (ISA) Transputer Interfaces: The INMOS B004 and the HEMA TA2. Those two are -roughly- the first and the most recent models of their kind, before PCI and USB took over.
This is the kick-off to document the most important cards you can plug into your computer to dive into the fascinating world of transputing. Come back often.

Finally I added my PeekPoke-Tool to the transputer software page.
It’s a basic tool which helps you reading/writing any systems memory which uses the B004 interface and protocol.

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