2017 updates

Boy, it’s dragging along these days… at least for this page – but rest assure, things happening:

  • Behind the scenes I worked on the 3rd run of AM-B404 TRAMs. If you want one or two, mail me.
  • A small AVM T1 update: Found another revision without any connectors for a booster-board.
  • Got the nice Miro highRISC card out again and did some more digging and reversing…
  • Added another machine to the Systems section: Henkelmann, a portable 486 pimped to the max…
  • Copied the ‘Manufacturing PCBs in China‘ from the Blog into the Knowledge-base section as it got another update… 4 companies reviewed now.
  • After roughly 25 years I got somehow pulled into 68k Mac vortex again – and mysteriously 4 Macs popped up in my lab. While this is not a section on GeekDot (yet), that’s another project currently keeping me busy…


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