Well, ok…

Ok, it had to happen one day. Everybody and his/her dog has a blog today, and sometimes I have to admit, I’d like to to give my 2 cents about things just happened/happened in the good old days or something I just discovered for myself which does not exactly fit into the normal GeekDot webpage. So here it is: The GeekDot blog.

Not sure if there will be many posts, but good to know I could, if I need to…

While you were obviously digging deeper, you might have seen that there’s a commenting facillity down there. Because I’m too lazy to create a commenting feature myself or fiddle around with 10+ plugins of my (ex) CMS I simply use(ed) DISQUS giving a plenthora of features as a plus. If you don’t like that or know better solutions, just leave a comment below 😉

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