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“Real” applications for your NumberCruncher Reloaded

I prepared an archive, containing all applications (I was able to find) supporting an Apple II FPU accelerator card in some manner, i.e. natively or via SANE.
These were commercial programs back in the days and were not provided with the card itself – to learn more about the basic tools which came with the card, visit the NumberCruncher Reloaded main post.

You can Download all presented applications as ShrinkIt archive or ZIP file

Obviously, they’re mainly math packages… and sad but true, as for now they’re all Apple IIgs programs:

GSnumerics (by Spring Branch Software)


Symbolix (by Henrik Gudat of Bright Software)

Screen Shot

jazGraph (by Jason Perez)

MathGraphics (by Dirk Fröhling)

saneglue (by Söhnke Behrens)

From the README: “lsaneglue is a library that contains code to let you call SANE funtions directly from ORCA/C”.
This lib provides convenient functions like findfpcp() and most calls to floating-point operations.

I hope that due to the availability of the NumberCruncher Reloaded this software collection will get some new addition by enthusiasts of the vivid Apple II retro scene.

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    1. That’s right – Innovative Systems did not provide more examples than that on p.27 in the manual.
      Where is the enthusiast who accept the challenge to write the first FPU accelerated Apple II application?

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