NCD X-Terminal

The 88k CPU family wasn’t only used in workstations/servers. They also found their way into some X-Terminals, like those from NCD.

By a lucky incident I got my hands on an NCR 17c, a colo(u)r X11 Terminal featuring an 88100 @ 20MHz. All of the sudden I developed the sick ambition to run a “pure 88k X11 system”, so this NCD would be my display to start with. This is what the boring box looks from the inside:


After some searching I found the necessary “NCDWare” i.e. the boot-images and everything needed to get an X-Terminal running (Get it here). After some DHCP, tftp and NFS fiddling I had the latest and KDE running in glorious 1280×1024 at 256 colors. But the host (In “X talk” that’s the client) was still running on an Intel x86 architecture. Yuck! (old layout) in Konquerer running on the NCD X-Terminal:


Yes, it’s the Terminal (Whopping 40MB data and 12MB code RAM):


So out went the incredible fast MVME197LE and I compiled a rudimentary on it… 2 days later that compilation was done: xdm on 88k, X11-Server on 88k. Ahhh, 88k purity 😉

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