This is the 2nd phase following “Sköll”. Hati is the other wolf who chases the moon – less mystic, this means getting the “Helios-Sköll” sources to compile on Linux – still targeting Transputers, though.

Some tools already do compile, e.g. the Transputer Crosscompiler ‘nc’ (i.e Norcroft-C) but most others are still missing.


There’s a hati branch in the GitHub repository. I suggest to leave it branched until at least the hostutils are compiling fine.
NB: Because I really badly hacked the nc files to get them to compile I did not include the changes to the branch. If you’re getting to this part of the code, I’m happy to tell/send you what I did, but I assume there are people out there doing a better job than I did 😉

This branch only includes ‘makeinc/makelinux’ and ‘makeinc/LINUX.mak’ and a new makefile here and there.
For now calling ‘. makeinc/makelinux hostutil’ will get stuck in building ‘cmds/com/sysbuild.c’ because of some include-path mish-mash – that’s where we have to start working.

Rough todo:

  • Create a proper Makefile. e.g. LINUX.mak currently has a lame workaround to point to GCCs include path
  • Probably many optimisations for recent GCC and gMake versions ahead!

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