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Geekdot page relaunch!

Woohoo! got a complete overhaul.
About nearly everything has changed… besides the content of course.
The most obvious change is the complete responsive design. That means reading GeekDot on your smartphone or tablet should be much easier now.
Also every social bells’n’whistle is activated – so you can comment, quote, twitter and FB-like nearly everything… if you don’t have better things to do 😉

Over the coming weeks I will keep on smoothing the edges. Every feedback from you is very welcomed.

Smoothing the Edges

Several sections and chapters got updated.

  • Finally opened the Software section for Transputers and the i860 (DSM boards). More to come when I find the time…
  • Updated the Parsytec GigaCluster with more details on cooling and more hardware pictures – as well as some tiny new findings on the SuperCluster NCU boards.
  • Some Housekeeping, due to the fact that Helios is becoming a bigger matter on GeekDot it was moved from a chapter to a full fledged section.
  • Finally! Running X Window on Helios described… there’s even a screenshot 😉
  • Small but adorable addition to the INMOS TRAM section – the mighty IMSB438, the ultimate graphics TRAM!
  • Hauppauge 4860 manual added for downloading… nice read even you’re not in the owners club. Also I found a better piccy of the original framebuffer.

T2i2c got real!

The “Transputer to i2c project” aka T2I2C finally developed into a real circuit board! Check it out here… and that just the start:

Not only is the T2i2c probably the first new TRAM since 1997 but it’s the kickoff for all my planned “30 Years Transputers” jubilee events. Stay tuned!

A new start

Ok, the page seems to look like it did before. Right. But everything has changed:

  • First of all, after 15 years the sites hosting was moved, the OS upgraded and everything just smells sooooo up-to-date
  • The CMS was brought to the newes release making it much quicker
  • A Blog was added. Yeah, lame today-tech, but if I might feel the urge to post something, there’s a place for it now… and you can comment on my stuff. Hey! If that’s not tempting?!

But there’s more to come. I was working on quite a big retro-project the last months which might actually interest more people than the usual 10 suspects. Stay tuned – it won’t be another 2 months, promised!