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Smoothing the Edges

Several sections and chapters got updated.

  • Finally opened the Software section for Transputers and the i860 (DSM boards). More to come when I find the time…
  • Updated the Parsytec GigaCluster with more details on cooling and more hardware pictures – as well as some tiny new findings on the SuperCluster NCU boards.
  • Some Housekeeping, due to the fact that Helios is becoming a bigger matter on GeekDot it was moved from a chapter to a full fledged section.
  • Finally! Running X Window on Helios described… there’s even a screenshot 😉
  • Small but adorable addition to the INMOS TRAM section – the mighty IMSB438, the ultimate graphics TRAM!
  • Hauppauge 4860 manual added for downloading… nice read even you’re not in the owners club. Also I found a better piccy of the original framebuffer.

T2i2c got real!

The “Transputer to i2c project” aka T2I2C finally developed into a real circuit board! Check it out here… and that just the start:

Not only is the T2i2c probably the first new TRAM since 1997 but it’s the kickoff for all my planned “30 Years Transputers” jubilee events. Stay tuned!

A new start

Ok, the page seems to look like it did before. Right. But everything has changed:

  • First of all, after 15 years the sites hosting was moved, the OS upgraded and everything just smells sooooo up-to-date
  • The CMS was brought to the newes release making it much quicker
  • A Blog was added. Yeah, lame today-tech, but if I might feel the urge to post something, there’s a place for it now… and you can comment on my stuff. Hey! If that’s not tempting?!

But there’s more to come. I was working on quite a big retro-project the last months which might actually interest more people than the usual 10 suspects. Stay tuned – it won’t be another 2 months, promised!