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      Current availability:  1st batch sold out.
      → Starting the next batch on-demand
      Thank you for your interest in the T2A2!

      As said on the T2A2 page, I’ll solder them on demand as I don’t know how big the interest is/will be. So here are the boring facts:
      • Price for one T2A2 card is 50€
      • You’ll need a so-called TRAM (a small PCB with a Transputer+RAM on it, described here, or an external Transputer system to connect it to the T2A2
      • To program the Transputer, you need to dig into either OCCAM or C programming using the INMOS tools
      As for the needed TRAM:
      I have created a Über-TRAM called ‘AM-B404‘.
      It’s a size-1 TRAM with 2MB SRAM… I’d say the fastest 2MB you can get.

      That’s a bit costly @ 60€ a piece (but still a LOT cheaper as what you pay on eBay) + 10€ for a T800 Transputer. I still have 2 AM-B404 available from the last batch. That said, 2MB RAM might be a bit over the top for an Apple II – at least as long there’s no application making real use of it.

      I.e. 2MB are enough to run a complete OCCAM development environment on it, or a complete Helios kernel with all bells’n’whistles.

      So for the first steps I might also have some (used/vintage) 32k & 128k TRAMs left, ask for a quote.


      • Shipping inside the EU
        • up to 2kg will be 9€
        • insured up to a value of 50€ + tracking makes it 11€.
        • Finally, Insured up to 500€ is 14€
      • Shipping to the US
        • up to 2kg insured up to 50€ + tracking is 19€
        • insured for up to 500€ bumps that to 37€
        • alternatively a “letter” with tracking and no insurance is 8€.
      • And yes, from now on I do accept PayPal.
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      • This topic was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by AxelAxel.
      • This topic was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by AxelAxel.
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