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      Here’s a little topic to give all T2A2 users a chance to write a quick intro about themselves (if you like to), like where you’re from, webpage, former project and of course what you’re planning to do with your T2A2.
      We’re all keen to hear that, aren’t we? 😉

      Cheers, Axel

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      I know a bit about Apple computers since year 1981, and purchased my first Apple (a //e) not much later its market introduction.
      I love writing utilities for the Apple computer (see previous posts on csa2 and csa2p under the Benoit0123/Benoit alias). The last ones I am currently still working on are:
      a) How to extend the Applesoft features in some unusual ways (like bring the coroutines features) with the “Peersoft” companion utility (to be run on DOS 3.3);
      b) How to run (un|non) protected DOS 3.3 application software on ProDOS 8 (a newer Apple OS with extensive support for mass storage and interruptible devices). DOP (that’s its name) is a container module living happily with the ProDOS kernel.

      My experience with Transputers is somewhat much much less extensive (to say a few), I have purchased some startkits from XMOS (the company managed by David May) whcih I understand offer similar features for the embedded world than transputer for the desktop/workstation at its time and I saw some amazing demos of the transputers networks which did Ray tracing @ the SICOB many years ago hence my current interest.

      The projects I am thinking about would be to implement:
      a) hardware FP for the Applesoft interpreter (but I am afraid that the communication overhead) would nullify many expeceted performance benefits.
      b) and to port a P-code machine to the transputer (at a later stage) with the REAL format being very similar between the two environments (I have a T800 which support both single and double precision FP operations).

      Currently I am designing a small assembly routine (Merlin format) that will allow the detection of the T2A2 poeripheral card in a slotted Apple //. I hope to get my first results in the few weeks to come.


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      Replying to myself..
      The correct URL is this one
      Forgive me..

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      my name is Jonas I was born 1980. I have a Youtube and Soundcloud channel as ‘Vintage Micro Music’.

      I own a lot of old computers (using a separate 70qm apartment for storage) but my interest is mostly Apple II in all its variations.

      I am a Java programmer but I have yet to do any programming on the A2 or Transputer.


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      I picked up one of these for fun. If you guys come up with some interesting stuff that is nearly turnkey, I look forward to trying it out.

      I’m ‘ianoid’ in most collector forums and @deliciousgames on Twitter. I had a //e as a kid in 1983. I spent a lot of time online back then with a Hayes Micromodem //e and then an Apple Cat. I started collecting video games in 1997. I got back into Apple II stuff in earnest around 8 years ago. I’m not very technical.

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      He folks, I am Richard, sometimes also known as Tricky or Trick-1. I Have the Transputer bug real bad but also collect other multi CPU systems link Sun Sparc 20, Parallella, Nvidia Tesla.

      I have one of the T2A2 in my Apple //e and am working on an external carrier card that will hold 4 more TRAM’s. I have got my carrier card working (but with some issues) with the T2A2 so am rather happy with myself tonight.

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