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      Anthony FrancisAnthony Francis

      Is there anybody ANYWHERE on this site that can supply a 68040 pod that can plug into a 68030 socket and actually work correctly !? If anybody has an interest in this idea, i would pay for this service. I have a small game-system that uses 8 and 32 bit transfers only, booting from a single Rom. No 16-bit transfers are required.

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      There is no such thing as a simple “pod” – quite some things need to be ’emulated’ when replacing a 030 by an 040. Just have a look at the accelerators used for the 68k Macs or Commodore AMIGA. They have quite some logic added and need at least patches for the 68881/2 emulation.

      Speaking of FPU – your game system (chess?) probably does not use an FPU and maybe its code is extremely optimized for the 256byte caches of the 030 and/or is critical to execution times. So my assumption is that such a stunt would include quite an amount of software patching, too.

      In my view, a more feasible approach would be overclocking. Good 030’s can be overclocked to 50+MHz – depending on the rest of the system (RAM/ROM) this might work.
      I know of Mephisto chess modules (68020) which were overclockable from 16 to 22.5MHz.

      Cheers, Axel

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