Last updated: 6 / 12 / 98

"The history of the Newton is a very rich one - with many twists and turns.  Axel's site gives Newton evanglists a first hand, first time look at many of the coolest pre-release Newton devices. It is truly a great Newton page."  

      -- Steve Holden, Editor and Publisher of NewtNews


Hello Stanger!

This page is for all the people that allways want to know more about "their" PDA, about its history and that are as nuts as I am. Please don't ask me where I had these information from. I've simply forgot it. Blame it on the drugs ;-)



21340 visits and counting....

OK, obviously not much happens on this page. This is due to my daily job and the fact that -let's face it- no more new Newton devices are made eversince.
Every now and then I get questions regarding updates etc... well there aren't any because I rely on you to give me some news or hints...

Recently I've "enjoyed" some hassle with my privider change. This is done now, the pages moved and everything is reachable again. This should stay so for many years ;-) [16/07/03]

Old changes:

  • 3 new design studies added! Ever thought about how the Newton 3000 could have look like? [6/10/98]

  • Corrected some smaller design mistakes [6/12/98]

  • Added navigation arows for easier browsing through the diffrent models [6/12/98]