Apple Macintosh

The Macintosh was an early, unfulfilled love of mine…

While I used many models through the years, starting with a loan 128k Macintosh in 1985, I had to wait until 1994 when I bought my 1st very own Mac… now things look different. It’s good to have a Mac for every occasion 😉

  • SE/30 – System 7.1
  • IIci – System 7.5.5, Carrera040 accelerator
  • IIfx – Wicket fast!
  • Quadra 950 – A/UX beast (AWS95 card)
  • PowerMac 6100 – My fist Mac bought from own money – OS 8.6, Crescendo G3/266 accelerator
  • Apple Cube – OS 9.2 – Codewerks Workhorse

I will document each system when time allows. Until then, here are my Apple ventures: