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      Well, maybe you have a burning need to discuss some topics concerning GeekDot... so this is the forum for that. Any wishes, critique, ideas, comments? Post it!
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    • Transputer
      This is the parent forum for "all things Transputer" - of course there's  the comp.sys.transputer newsgroup, but it's not well frequented and probably too old-school for newcomers to the matter (read: born after 1990) That said, this forum is mainly meant to offer an open platform to discuss the Transputer projects/diy's/stunts available here on GeekDot.com. If you're missing a sub-forum just drop me a post in here. Have Fun... and behave!  😉  
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    • Intel i860
      This is most likely the last place on the Web to discuss i860 topics... yes, all 10 of us (and that's not binary ;-))
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