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Newton Secrets – Secret Newtons

This is my very first (presentable) Webpage from 1995. To keep the original style and navigation, I’ve put it into an iframe…

Because it was “optimized” for 640×480 back then, that’s what it looks like now 😉 And because I had a total of 1MB (yes, one megabyte) webspace in those days, everything was squeezed down to the minimum, which explains the small and grainy images. Still, in the hey-days of Newton “Newton Secrets – Secret Newtons” got quite an amount of traffic.
I just found the original photos -on paper, you know- and will scan them again in a better resolution… if I find the extra time.

A bit of historical background

In about 1994 I totally fell for the Apple Newton. Yeah, one of those early adopter moments… again. After drooling over an Newton 100 at CeBit for two days I bought my 120 the very next year and proudly carried the nearly 500 grams with me every day.
I dived into the NTK (Newton Tool Kit) and learned Newton Script to write my own Programs (“App” wasn’t a proper word yet).

Fate stroke, when I went to San Francisco in 1997 for a year taking the chance to work as an intern at a Web/PM-Agency. The 2nd day I figured out that my boss, Tony Espinoza, was one of the original Newton Team members, been in charge just for the Dev tools etc. Because he just left Apple (the were in deep s**t back then) I was probably the only Apple/Newton fan between hard-core PalmPilot users 😉
Still I got a signed copy of “Defying Gravity”  and a quick look into his closet full of prototypes 😮 This is where the pictures on my page came from. Also he showed me #1 Infinity Loop (Mind the old logo)



and the booming campus of Netscape. Erm, who? 😉